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Consistency is key for a multi-channelled approach

Email in handsModern call centres have to battle much more than simple telephone calls these days. Now, consumers expect to be able to contact a telephone answering service via a variety of methods, including email, webchat and social media. As a result, companies need to ensure that their care is consistent across all channels in order to offer the high quality care that consumers expect.

To provide this consistency, it is extremely important to make sure that agents are skilled enough to deliver the appropriate multi-channel experience. Existing staff must be trained, whilst recruitment criteria should be altered to reflect the multi-channel need. Equal pay should also be offered so that no one manning the phones becomes frustrated by higher paid multi-channel agents.

Call centres must also realise that they need an omni-channel so they can move seamlessly from one place of contact to another. Whilst having multi-channels is great for providing a place to start communication, conversations can sometimes be lost as people move back and forth. The omni-channel approach allows agents to draw consumers through various channels such as webchat and Twitter without needless queues or staggered conversations.

Finally, it is important for call centres not to try to replicate their KPI targets for other channels. Instead, new performance goals should be drawn up that are easily quantifiable across all channels, giving companies the chance to gain accurate insights into their performance.

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