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Consider the user when developing UC

Call centre agentsMany companies are currently developing unified communications (UC). This means that they are creating a call centre tool that provides a single interface on various devices that is also embedded into communication processes. Behind every successful deployment is a carefully considered UC strategy. To get this right, it is essential to consider the end user and work backwards.

Having a UC experience that is well received by end users is extremely important, and it requires careful planning and decision-making to get it right. One of the most important places for telephone answering services to start is by thinking about the end user.

Ultimately, a UC is a tool that enables high-quality customer care and a positive user experience. Therefore, it is vital to make sure that the collaborative and communicative features included in a UC will benefit end users. The agents that will use the eventual system need to be able to handle operations seamlessly if they want to provide the best care.

As a result, call centres need to look at the tools people are already using. Staff members may be used to particular applications or ways of doing things, and making a huge and sweeping change could be a bad move. Depending on the findings, a single UC solution might be ideal. Alternatively, using a best-of-breed UC ecosystem might be best, helping agents to ease into the new process.

Whenever new UC systems are developed and integrated, it is important for companies to ensure that end users will be able to operate new tools properly. As a result, agent feedback remains a good way to keep UC strategies on a successful track.

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