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Connecting technology with agents creates actionable insights

Digital CustomersOne of the most difficult things for call centres to achieve is finding actionable insights. Gaining such a look into a company allows firms to make the right changes at the right times. This helps to boost performance, efficiency, and customer services. For telephone answering services that want to improve their insights and ensure resources are allocated to the correct place, connecting technology with agents is crucial.

Modern companies understand they have to act on customer demands and feedback if they want to gain loyalty, retain customers, and find new sales. As a result, a larger number of businesses are investing in Voice of the Customer (VoC) tools. However, some experts have suggested that it is hard for firms to actually capture a customer’s true feelings. These sentiment solutions offer word clouds and pie charts that can push managers in the right direction, but a greater understanding of this data is required to create actionable feedback.

It is in this area that agents can make a difference; companies should empower their staff to respond directly to individual feedback. Frontline agents are the heart of call centres. After all, they are the people who interact with consumers every day. Therefore, by connecting agents with VoC and other sentiment solutions, a workforce is given the power and tools to really make a difference in customer care, enabling individual consumers to get the quality service they are looking for.


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