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Complaint cultures vary across the world

Customer services are more important than ever, with call centres needing to take a lot of time ensuring that as many of their consumers as possible receive a positive experience.  In new research it has been discovered that British consumers spend around three times as much effort when making a complaint than those in the US, making it even more essential for UK telephone answering services to be equipped to handle calls correctly.

In a study by KANA Software, it was shown that Americans make a greater number of complaints, with each individual making one and a half times more complaints, on average, than British consumers.  However, the British spend far more time and effort pursuing a single complaint and trying to get the problem solved.  Other findings showed that 42% of British consumers prefer email, whilst 39% of Americans favour the phone.

James Norwood, an expert marketing officer, said: “It appears that British stoicism manifests itself in fewer complaints and a more patient approach to queuing.  Our research shows US complaints on average are lodged and resolved in an hour, while in the UK, customers spend a half day of their precious time achieving resolution.”  This finding has been cemented further by results showing that British consumers have to contact companies an average of four times before a resolution is found.  This compares to the three points of contact Americans have to make.

The report’s findings clearly show that it is vital for British call centres to continue striving to bring queuing times down whilst bettering first call resolution rates.

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