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Competitions provide motivation for agents

Employees are one of the most important resources for any business, and companies are able to thrive only due to the expertise held by their staff.  For call centres this is particularly true, with agents becoming the front line of customer services for organisations, often at times when customers may be phoning because they are unhappy with products or services.  This means that it is vital to keep motivation high, and this can be done with staff competitions.

Some might think that using staff competitions within the telephone answering services industry is a waste of time, but employee morale is vital.  Agents who are happy and positive about their job are far more likely to pass this good energy onto customers throughout their calls.  Therefore, ensuring that motivation, productivity and job satisfaction are high is crucial.

Competitions do not have to be restricted to the actual work itself, but by focusing on targets and call centre processes, employees can actually be trained whilst they are enjoying themselves.  For instance, splitting groups into teams and ensuring that a top agent is within each group can help the flow of skills to other agents.  Top agents can be encouraged to share their skills with team mates so that new tactics can be tried.

By utilising teams and competitions in the call centre environment, morale can be boosted and skills can be shared in an enjoyable way.  With employees sharing skills and advice as a way to win competitions, customers will benefit from better service.

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