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Companies need to increase personalisation

Target customerThe use of personalisation in marketing and call centres has become increasingly important in the past few years, particularly in the retail sector. However, many companies continue to lack the skills needed to utilise customer data properly and give modern consumers a bespoke experience.

Personalisation for telephone answering services involves far more than simply adding someone’s name to advertising materials or using it during an enquiry. However, a 2015 Experian report found that this is all that 61 per cent of firms are doing. Meanwhile, 30 per cent are not even attempting this, which means that just 9 per cent of businesses are actively using consumer data to personalise their customer experiences.

For many firms, the hurdle might be the fear that consumers simply do not want to feel intruded upon. However, data has found evidence to the contrary. For example, recent studies highlighted the fact that 87 per cent of customers would be happy for brands to use personal details if it means they will be given a more relevant experience. As long as firms avoid coming across as creepy, there is little to worry about.

In the modern world where the consumer is everything and people have far higher demands and expectations from firms than ever before, it is vital to keep up. Personalisation can be an integral part of gaining customer loyalty, which is something that is far more difficult to achieve now than it was in the past. For call centres that want to lead by example and ensure their customers are kept happy, utilising personalisation can be a key way of gaining increased success.


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