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Companies must eradicate 0845 numbers

It has been revealed that although new laws that ban the use of 0845 numbers for support lines have come into effect, some companies have still not switched. According to the Fair Telecoms Campaign, a number of firms are now in breach of the rules. This highlights the fact that all call centres must switch support lines to cheaper alternatives if they want to remain compliant.

Mplsystems marketing director Susannah Richardson said: “As a consumer I really don’t mind what number a company provides as long as I get to talk to an agent quickly and my enquiry is dealt with efficiently and effectively. So a more expensive 0845 rather than an 03 number is acceptable for quick effective calls.” However, she added that many companies continue to offer bad customer care, with people racking up several minutes of expensive call time in queues before they’ve even spoken to an agent.

The lack of compliance could be due to several reasons, including the fact that the rules relate to all customer telephone answering service lines and not just complaints channels. Meanwhile, some companies might assume they can use an 0800 number. Although they are free from landlines, a charge is incurred from mobiles, meaning that full compliance must be met by using a 01, 02 or 03 number. Finally, service upgrade lines are often attached to sales lines but because people are often only querying, they must be given a non-0845 option.

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