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Companies must avoid damaging their brands

There are many things call centres can do to ingratiate customers and make the user experience better. However, there are also things that can have an unintentionally negative impact. This year, it has been revealed that consumers are increasingly frustrated with mobile phone marketing when they’re on holiday, making this form of advertising something a telephone answering service should avoid.

A new study from Digitonic found that 65 per cent of people would tell their friends about their frustrations if they received mobile phone marketing whilst abroad. Referred to as Holiday Irritable Text Syndrome (HITS), the advertising option has come about because of the wide use of smartphones. However, 78 per cent of those between 16 and 24 years old would criticise it to friends and family, whilst the same is true for 40 per cent of those aged 55 and over. In addition, the thing that bothered people the most on their holiday was marketing texts and sales calls; this was highlighted by one in nine respondents.

Grant Fraser, Digitonic’s managing director, said: “Brands need to consider the real impact of their marketing activity so they don’t alienate customers, whether they’re relaxing by the pool on holiday, or simply not interested in what they’re being offered. Getting it right is good for both consumers and marketers.” He added that it was important that people didn’t feel pestered on their holiday and were also able to avoid worrying about data roaming costs.

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