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Companies favouring snail mail over Facebook

In the modern world, executives might think that there is an increasing popularity in using social media channels to contact consumers instead of using traditional methods.  However, in a poll of 124 call centres, it was found that businesses still preferred to use snail mail than communicate with customers via Facebook.

Azzurri Communications revealed that 35% of the companies they polled added traditional mailing systems to their channels in the past 12 months.  This was compared to just 5% who began using Facebook.  Whilst many see Facebook as a legitimate communication channel, with the social media website being used by 40% of organisations, some experts believe it may be reaching its peak.

However, it seems not all social media is being passed over, with 48% of organisations now utilising Twitter in some way.  Though only 40% of companies added Twitter channels in the past year, 48% of people use it effectively for their customer services.  Azzuri Communications’ Chief Executive Officer, Rufus Grig, said: “Those organisations that fail to join the dots of their customer interactions risk losing customers, as they will simply move to another firm that is more organised.  Customers want to interact with the organisations that serve them by whichever means is the most convenient for them, but they hate having to repeat themselves across every channel.”

For telephone answering services looking for more ways to interact with consumers, utilising traditional mailing systems is fine.  However, it is also important to look to modern channels, such as Twitter and Facebook.

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