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Companies expected to rely more heavily on social media strategies

dreamstime_17311300One of the biggest developments in social influence to emerge during the past decade is social media. Facebook and Twitter, in addition to many others, have become a way of life. This means that call centres have had to embrace the technology and develop a multi-channel approach to communication. Now, according to Interactive Intelligence, the number of telephone answering services and other companies utilising social media strategies is expected to grow.

The recent “Enterprise Priorities in Europe” report from Frost & Sullivan suggested that the next two years would see a significant expansion of companies providing customer services via social media. However, despite 80 per cent of retail companies using Twitter and Facebook, just 38 per cent have actually developed any form of strategy for the channels. By 2016, this is set to change, with figures forecasted to reach 63 per cent. In the UK, the next two years will see a rise from 63 per cent to 79 per cent in firms providing multi-channel customer services.

Interactive Intelligence’s Marcin Grygielski said: “By integrating social media in their customer contact strategies, companies will gain a competitive advantage by being closer to their customers’ needs and answering client enquiries faster than through other channels.”

For call centres that want to stay on the leading trend, developing social media strategies now might well result in improved future results. As more companies take this route, getting ahead of the competitors is a good move to make.

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