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Communication strategy is essential for call centres

Call centres have to take a lot of time to ensure that they are measuring the right performance factors so that the correct changes can be made for business efficiency.  For telephone answering services wanting to excel, a clear communication strategy must be developed.

There are many factors being measuring in call centres, including average call time and first call response.  A communications strategy looks at the larger picture, and takes into account the needs of a business, their goals and the procedures staff need to follow to ensure a consistent brand and company ethos.  For firms wanting to grow, any initiatives need to focus on creating positive branding amongst possible new clients.  In addition, strategies need to contain clear processes of how to reach important target groups and the messages that attract the people within them.

Talking of the importance of a communication strategy, Ken Reid explained that once it is in place, call centres will be provided with an easy way to maintain a consistent approach to business.  For example, during the festive season, a strategy will provide agents with details about increased multi-channel use and prepare workers for changes in work.  This is vital to continue offering a streamlined service.

For those without a communication strategy currently in place, it is vital to address this quickly.  Whilst it may be too late to develop for Christmas 2013, it will be important in the months to come.

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