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Communication channel diversification needed for multi-generational consumer base

Social Media SitesDepending on a company’s product or service, there can be a large variation in their customer’s age range. Traditionally, consumers’ call centre options were limited to just telephone and post. However, times have changed, and telephone answering services that wish to cater to all ages need to provide a variety of communication channels.

Polarised consumer bases can be difficult to engage with, particularly when the number of channels is limited. Whilst older individuals might be happy to remain with the telephone or postal options, many younger customers want the instant fix of sending a Tweet or contacting a brand via their Facebook page. In order to address the needs of the masses, call centres must actively make themselves available around the clock on several different platforms.

Whilst diversifying communication channels is vital, it is even more essential to provide continuity of service quality across the board. Social media, in particular, is quick to voice bad experiences. In addition, whilst response times by email might be 24 hours, channels such as Facebook and Twitter call for a more immediate reply.

If companies want to meet the needs of all their customers, they must use a multi-channel approach with high quality care on all platforms and provide response times that are in keeping with each individual medium. This will help them boost their positive branding and become accessible for a multi-generational consumer base.

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