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Common social media mistakes must be avoided

social MediaFor the modern call centre, it has become imperative to be as available as possible. This often means utilising social networking platforms to engage with consumers. However, if this is not done correctly, telephone answering services can easily annoy their social customers. In the world of social media, bad news spreads quickly, so it is important to proceed with caution.

There are many common mistakes when it comes to social networking, and one of the worst ones is when companies fail to remember that a Facebook post or a tweet is still a business transaction and can therefore affect branding. It is essential to adhere to strict standards of service excellence because just one blip can cause a lot of damage.

Another thing that some call centres might do is place social media as a secondary priority, focusing first and foremost upon core, traditional engagement via phones. This is a huge error because if social networking is handled badly, customers will notice quickly. If companies want to go ahead with platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, it’s vital to do so with the proper investment of time and finances.

Finally, delaying answers and sending impersonal responses is a sure way to gain negative branding on social media. Engagement should be as fast as possible, and it is essential to actually engage with customers. That way, call centres can address people’s problems quickly and build positive press for their social media operations.

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