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Common mistakes to avoid when using web chat

webAcross the country, an increasing number of call centres are utilising web chat as a means to easily communicate with customers. However, this channel is relatively new and many telephone answering services are still finding their feet. As a result, mistakes are often made that can undo the positive experience that provides.

One thing that can aggravate web users is pop-up chats that are overused. Many websites now use pop-ups when customers are surfing their websites, and these can be incredibly useful in the right circumstances. However, they can be overused; for example, having the web chat pop up on every page a customer navigates to can be annoying. Call centres should consider using these pop-ups sparsely, limiting them to a landing page or the checkout.

Meanwhile, the aspect of journey routing is often forgotten in web chat, but it’s needed here just as much as it is on telephone calls. Not receiving an adequate answer or a slow response via web chat can be frustrating for people, so chats must be routed to the right agents. This means, for example, that if pop-ups occur on the checkout page, agents need to be knowledgeable about sales as well as products.

Finally, it is important to address the fact that not all web chats are equally important. Therefore, it is useful to prioritise to ensure that top quality customers are retained or converted. By avoiding these common mistakes, web chat can be improved, leading to better customer care and business.

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