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Common mistakes call centres must avoid

Call Centre 2Everyone makes mistakes, even telephone answering services that have been in business for many years. It is impossible to eliminate every problem. However, by cutting out the most common issues, call centres can ensure that the majority of their customers are given the best service possible.

One of the biggest mistakes call centres make is not following up on call-back requests. A rising number of call centres are utilising self-help menus with call-back options so that customers don’t have to sit on the line and queue. If someone selects this option, it is essential that agents actually follow up with people. Failing to do so can hugely aggravate consumers and could cause them to move to a competitor.

Another failure of the call process is to give poorly estimated connection times. If a company says that people will speak to an agent in less than 15 seconds, they must meet this promise. If not, it only frustrates callers.

Agents must also be trained not to repeatedly apologise whilst failing to fix the problem. Apologies should be offered to callers with difficulties, but it is vital to follow-up with issues and ensure they’re resolved instead of leaving issues running and simply saying sorry each time people call. In addition, although goodwill gestures are a good idea, they shouldn’t be a replacement for not fixing the actual problem.

By avoiding common mistakes, call centres can ensure that most of their customers get the service they deserve.

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