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Combating high call centre call volumes

Call centres continue to be an important frontline service for businesses, providing a communication channel between customers and companies.  However, dealing with high call volumes can be difficult, even for telephone answering services built for the specific purposes of dealing with customer calls.  Ensuring that calls remain consistent in their call quality is vital, and reducing latency is essential.

High latency can cause “jitter,” making it extremely frustrating for both customers and call centre agents.  Outdated and poorly managed IP voice networks can also result in one-way audio.  Martyn King of Nexbridge Communications said: “One of our main challenges was to meet the very high calls-per-second demand which diallers in large outbound call centres place upon the communications network – not just for our own dedicated infrastructure, but also for upstream wholesale IP carriers.  Understanding how we could optimise call flow from the dialler to the agent would improve efficiency throughout the network – a classic win-win.”

Another factor that call centres must bear in mind is the outwards calling number.  In a survey of 2,000 people, it was shown that 71% wouldn’t pick up a call from a blocked, withheld or unknown number.  This was similarly true for calls from an 08 CLI number, with 66% saying they wouldn’t pick up.  However, 75% of people said they would be likely to pick up if the number was local to their location.

The overall message for centres dealing with high call volumes is that upgrading to new technology is key.  Outdated software quickly leads to inconsistencies that degrades customer services and results in a less than positive experience.

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