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Coaching provides call centres a way to boost performance

Telephone ServiceCoaching in the call centre environment is key if agents are to be trained properly, but getting it right goes further than that. The telephone answering services industry is notorious for its low staff retention rates, with many employees moving on just months after starting. However, by providing the proper training and education, many of these agents might be convinced to stay, improving the company’s service and saving money at the same time.

There are many aspects of coaching that managers have to take into account, and one of the most important ones is focusing on positives rather than negatives. When people make smart and intuitive moves, it is important to recognise that and provide feedback, allowing agents to learn what they did right. In addition, providing this recognition paves the way for more of the same behaviour. In contrast, picking out negative points can cause demoralisation and even result in people handing in their notice.

It is also essential that coaching is given enough time and isn’t simply conducted by handing out leaflets or making passing comments in meetings. Activities that don’t provide as much company value should be replaced with group and one-on-one coaching, giving agents the time and focus they require for learning. Finally, training is most effective when it is based around each individual agent’s needs.

By taking the time to invest in coaching, companies can see staff retention rates rise in addition to individual agent performance boosts.

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