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Coaching is essential for call centre customer care

Customer care is becoming more important than ever before, and people demand far more from companies than they ever have.  This means that call centres must be well equipped to handle consumer calls, making coaching a vital step to ensure that all agents are able to offer the best experience possible.

Despite social media’s popularity, telephone answering services remain in strong demand, with people wanting to talk to an actual agent about a problem or query rather than go through other channels.  It is, therefore, vital that agents are trained with the correct skills so as to help callers without needing constant help.

Side-by-side coaching is one effective way to provide agents with the skills they need to perform well.  Working on a one-to-one basis might seem a little threatening to agents initially, but after several calls they will quickly be able to understand the areas where they are excelling and the places where they need to improve.  Meanwhile, group call-listening sessions are a good idea.  In this scenario, an excellent agent can be listened into by the group, with a discussion taking place after a call to highlight the positive points.

Customer service continues to be vital, and all call centres must strive to offer positive experiences to callers.  With carefully organised coaching, all agents can be provided with the tools to excel and give customers the correct help whilst promoting a positive brand image.

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