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Cloud to become first choice for call centres

Blue cloud computing keyboard key, technology backgroundCloud computing has become big business over the past few years, and an increasing number of telephone answering services are utilising it to bolster their services. However, Aspect Software’s Senior Vice President of Europe and Africa, Stephen Ball, expects the cloud to become the first choice when it comes to new software solutions.

The tech world has evolved at an amazing pace. Not long ago, many people were still trying to wrap their head around the concept of the cloud. Now it has become synonymous with many call centre operations. With the cloud becoming part of everyday life, the majority of businesses now utilise some form of cloud software.

Ball expects that cloud software will quickly become the first option for firms instead of being considered a simple alternative to traditional options. In fact, it is likely to become so ubiquitous with business that many call centres will not even consider other options.

There has been a lot of debate over the availability of data and the security of the cloud. Modern firms, however, now take it for granted that information will be safe and readily available, moving past these potentially hindering obstructions.

For traditional firms that are accustomed to on-premise solutions and feel they are the most trustworthy tools available, it might be hard to believe that the cloud will become a preferred choice. However, the tipping point has already been reached. A Logicworks poll found that 96 per cent of firms in the US will be boosting their cloud investment over the coming five years. This signals a time when cloud will become truly synonymous with businesses across the world.

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