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Cloud solutions to be popular in 2013

A new report has revealed that cloud computing solutions are set to be extremely popular for call centres in 2013.  In new statistics, it was shown that telephone answering services utilising the cloud have noted a number of advantages, helping them stay ahead of the competition.

In the new study, 216 call centre directors and managers were asked about cloud computing technology and how it had affected their business.  Fifty-seven percent of those respondents who actively use the cloud revealed that the technological solution had allowed them greater flexibility and power.  Meanwhile, 54% of people said that expenses had been reduced as a result of using the cloud, whilst 64% of firms said that their interest in cloud solutions was greater than it was a year ago.

Steve Morrell, principal consultant on the study, said: “Cloud contact centre technology solutions have become realistic options for centres of all sizes due to their high value proposition and flexibility.”  Flexibility is one the greatest positives that cloud computing can offer, with 91% of those questioned saying that having the ease to change user functionality and licenses was increasingly important.  Fifty-four percent agreed that homeworking had become more of a priority over the past 12 months, whilst the pay-as-you-go pricing model was attractive to 34% of people.

The high rates of interest in cloud computing indicate that more call centres than ever before will be utilising this technology during 2013.  For those looking to outsource their telephone answering services, ensuring that the cloud is used could be an advantage.

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