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Cloud service launched by Interactive Intelligence

a Cloud Computing diagram on the new computer interfaceFor modern telephone answering services, it is vital to have the right technology on hand to compete with rivals and provide the best customer care possible. Now, Interactive Intelligence has a launched a new engagement cloud solution that will help call centres provide innovative agent and customer experiences.

PureCloud Engage has been designed to maximise engagement performance, and it launches with speech-enabled interactive voice response, multichannel routing, multichannel recording and quality management, reporting, and outbound campaign management. In addition, graphical scripting and customer relationship management integrations have also been included. New features are expected to be added in subsequent upgrades.

Running on Amazon Web Services (AWS), PureCloud provides security, scalability, and reliability. Interactive Intelligence’s chief marketing officer, Jeff Platon, said: “Contact centres today are dealing with rapidly changing technology and priorities, budget constraints, aging infrastructure, and the ‘always-on’ consumer expectation of an immediate response. PureCloud Engage addresses these challenges with its ability to quickly and cost effectively deliver highly reliable, scalable and innovative multichannel applications, while giving contact centre managers deep insight into performance and processes.”

Elsewhere, expert Keith Dawson explained that although many companies are looking to move into the cloud market, few are willing to develop brand new and multi-tenant cloud services platforms; this is a step that Interactive Intelligence has taken. Combining this with an enterprise-grade customer care and engagement platform should allow PureCloud to provide exceptional services.

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