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Cloud security breaches only experienced by 2 per cent of companies

Cloud technology concept: Cloud Whis Padlock on digital backgrouMany firms still fear moving to the cloud because they believe there are high risks and vulnerability to breaches. However, a new study shows that just 2 per cent of businesses have experienced a cloud security breach. This indicates that call centres often needlessly worry about cloud security.

New figures revealed by the Secure Cloud Industry Forum show a very low incidence of breach in the cloud. The “UK Cloud Adoption Trends for 2015” report shows that the worries about cloud security are often unfounded. In fact, if telephone answering services take the time to understand their security measures and network infrastructure, they can more easily realise how cloud computing can help unlock better services and tools.

Hostcomm’s director, Chris Key, explained: “Fear and uncertainty around cloud adoption will only stifle growth among enterprises. A greater understanding is needed to help businesses overcome implementation anxiety. There are tried-and-tested methods for implementing a cloud contact centre in even the biggest, most complicated networks – without compromising security. And they have no negative impact on network performance and IT support staff workloads.”

If cloud adoption rates are to increase, it is important for businesses to recognise the benefits such solutions offer. With only 2 per cent of users actually experiencing a breach, there is really no evidence to back security fears.


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