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Cloud market set to soar by 2020

Call centre cloudMany call centres have already adopted cloud computing to some degree. Although many companies are not keen to go all in, a large proportion of firms utilise some solutions that are held in the cloud. Now, new research has suggested that the adoption of this next-generation technology is set to continue, with the market soaring to $14.7bn by 2020.

The idea of cloud computing is not a new one. In fact, J.C.R. Licklider spoke of an “intergalactic computer network” that would link all data and programs 47 years ago. That vision has now evolved into reality, and it has taken the form of cloud computing – a system where information and applications operate in a virtual environment and can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, via the internet.

Interactive Intelligence’s David Paulding revealed that the market was worth $4.68bn in 2015, which is a significant sum considering the relatively short length of time that cloud computing has been used for. However, by 2020, this is set to soar by a CAGR of 25.7 per cent. Meanwhile, most analysts are predicting that any on-premises growth will reach 4 per cent at most.

The recent move to the cloud means there is now an array of options for chief information officers to deal with when it comes to cloud architecture. To get it right, telephone answering services must ensure they use the best method to avoid future delays and disruption to their customers. However, one thing is clear: call centres must start incorporating modern cloud technology into their businesses or they will face getting left behind by the competition.

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