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Clothing company demonstrates poor customer service on Twitter

twitter logo tweet twitterificA clothing company that posted a sarcastic reply to a customer complaint on Twitter is learning a tough lesson about how poor customer service posts can easily go viral.

Rather than telephoning their call centre, Christian Conti posted a complaint on the company’s social media platform, Twitter, regarding an order he had placed with US clothing company Hawke & Co. Instead of responding positively to their customer’s complaint, Hawke & Co replied with a sarcastic tweet, mocking the number of followers Mr Conti had on Twitter.

However, Mr Conti is sure to have several more followers now that the reply was picked up by others and retweeted hundreds of time. Hawke & Co tried to deny that their original tweet was ever written, but a Twitter user proved this to be a lie after having the foresight to take a screen capture of the post.

Despite the backlash they were receiving, Hawke & Co blundered on with other tweets, suggesting that the company were receiving more exposure as a consequence. They failed to recognise that the exposure was all negative and highlighted their extremely poor customer service.

Their tweets included comments such as “Thanks again for the exposure. Much appreciated.” and “Some press is better than no press. This social experiment is going better than expected.”

Hawke & Co might be uneducated in the ways of social media if they class their responses as an experiment, and they might do better to use a telephone answering service that puts their customers in touch with a real person who can address their complaints directly and privately.

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