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Close-knit teams provide positive customer care

friends and friendshipModern call centres are almost unrecognisable compared to those from a decade ago, with modern technology, online channels and social media turning the internet into a marketplace and virtual meeting place. As a result, customer care continues to be extremely important, especially in an era when people can quickly and easily share both their positive and negative experiences. For telephone answering services that want to boost the quality of their customer services, encouraging in-house employee engagement is essential.

These days, call centres have many tools in their arsenal for boosting customer service, but one of the biggest of these is often taken for granted: employee engagement. Happy agents passively pass their positivity onto customers, so it is important to make sure employees feel at ease in the workplace.

Forming close bonds with other team members can help this, as can creating a caring culture where people feel nurtured and looked after. Managers need to regularly check in on their staff members to ensure that teams are happy, satisfied and enjoying their work. In addition, including people in the decision-making process – even if it is just to offer feedback – can also boost morale.

Overall, a happy workforce not only works better together, but offers better customer care in the long run. This is because employees become more efficient at working alongside each other and can nurture a positive attitude. Adding new channels, integrating better technology and urging agents to go that extra mile for customers are all useful steps, but it remains important to facilitate engagement amongst staff members.

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