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CLI presentation could become mandatory

Call centre teamIt has been revealed that the Department for Culture, Media, and Sport are requesting that calling line identity (CLI) presentation becomes mandatory as a way to cut down on spammers and fraudsters. Under current regulations, it can be hard for consumers to trace where a call originated. If new laws are passed, call centres will have to present their number when making marketing and sales calls.

For trusted companies working above board, the new system won’t have any negative effect. Spammers, however, will be affected because it will become a legal requirement to display telephone numbers and also to provide customers with an automated message or voicemail with details on how a firm can be contacted.

For all firms, even those whose telephone answering services only make outgoing calls once in a while, it will become crucial to train all agents and routinely monitor outgoing calls. Any contact perceived as a nuisance call could have severe financial and legal consequences, so providing only the best quality service will become even more important. CLI localisation services might also see a rise in use so that customers are shown a local number.

Martyn King, an expert in the industry, said: “Ensuring that a CLI is presented to the called party ensures that the consumer is able to contact the originator of the call and aid call tracing, as well as being able to raise complaints directly to the call centre.”


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