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Clever ways to motivate call centre agents

Trophy and medalCall centre agents are the frontline of customer services, so it’s essential to keep them engaged and motivated to work. This is even more crucial for sales teams, where individuals are required to push products and services throughout the work day. Whilst end-of-year bonuses and access to flexible working options can be good incentives, there are some other fun ideas that can help motivate a workforce.

One great idea that can be easily incorporated into a call centre is a tiered prize system. The concept is simple: the harder an agent works, the better prizes or cash bonuses they can unlock. Not only does this provide something for people to aim for, but it also offers an instant reward and recognition as each target is passed. Another great reward system is to hide small gifts in balloons. Each time a sale is made, for example, an agent gets to pop a balloon and keep the reward inside.

It can also be motivating to provide rewards that aren’t necessarily incentivised for work. For example, holding a birthday brunch each month for those with birthdays can be a great way to celebrate and ensure telephone answering services agents feel special. Likewise, special dress-down days or themed food days can help enthuse work teams.

With agents being the first in line to talk with customers, it is essential they are enthusiastic and motivated to do their jobs correctly. By taking the time to invest in staff members, businesses can have long-term dividends.

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