GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Clear answers from call centre staff

Clients that have tried call centre services in the past may have found that it has been difficult to gather the information that is needed from the team.  It is an unfortunate system that some call centres are reluctant to provide the information required by the client, but some call centres now operate a much clearer policy on this.  One of the signs to look for is clear pricing published online.  This shows that the same pricing structure will apply to all clients.

Clients that have chosen to outsource their telephone answering service are placing their trust in call centre services and, therefore, are leaving their reputation in the hands of the call centre.  Having a relationship with the call centre team that is based on openness is essential as this promotes trust on both sides and will give the client access to information.

Clients are able to access the information that they need online.  This is available in real time around the clock and overviews, KPIs and call information is there to be assessed as needed.  The client is able to carry out their own analysis of data.  The team dealing with the client’s calls is able to discuss the call results and all the factors that can be used to improve performance.  The relationship between the client and the team can become a partnership that will help to promote trust between the telephone answering service and the client.

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