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Check consumer understanding before rushing people off the phone

These days, customer services is a big focus for call centres. However, that does not mean that businesses have forgotten about average handling time (AHT). In fact, it remains a very useful metric for companies. Even though agents might not be actively rushing their callers off the phone to meet AHT goals, it remains extremely important for telephone answering services staff to check that consumers understand resolutions.

For many agents, it is time to terminate the call once the problem has been resolved. An issue might be routine for call centre staff, but that does not mean that customers have a full understanding of it. This can leave consumers unhappy and frustrated as they swipe back through web-chat conversations looking for information or, even worse, have to call again to ensure their problem is truly resolved.

To solve this issue, agents are increasingly being advised to reiterate the problem in their closing comments. Therefore, instead of saying, “That’s sorted for you now; have a nice day,” agents should summarise the issue they have helped callers with and check if anything else is needed. The final question is particularly important because it slows the conversation and gives people the opportunity to ask for further advice or help.

If call centres are experiencing a high volume of callers being left frustrated, it is worthwhile to check AHT metrics because they could be funnelling agents in the wrong direction. This might mean that staff are focusing on getting through as many calls as possible instead of helping the callers they have.

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