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Chatbots unlikely to replace call centre workers

Chat botThe rise of the chatbot has been getting a lot of headlines, with this modern technology helping to deliver seamless self-service to customers for many telephone answering services. This can drive traffic down whilst boosting the consumer experience, leading many call centre agents to worry that chatbots could completely replace them one day. However, this is unlikely to occur due to the need for many consumers to engage in human interaction.

In relatively recent news, Facebook revealed they would be offering chatbot options via their Messenger platform, allowing companies to contact customers using an automated service. As the complexity and intelligence of chatbots increases, many workers may fear they will be replaced, but the reality is that successful call centres thrive on a partnership between humans and technology and one cannot properly function without the other.

Many modern companies already offer a multi-channel or omnichannel experience, which means they are already utilising some forms of automation. Customers benefit by being able to move between channels without having to repeat data and personal information, and businesses find advantages in make the customer journey more efficient.

Although the use of Messenger may be relatively simple, putting chatbots to work is not as straightforward as it might sound. These are still automated responders, and they will not be able to provide adequate answers all of the time. Therefore, the human element will be required in the call centre for the indefinite future, with agents acting as an empathic ear and solving complex demands that automated systems cannot handle.

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