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Chatbots to increase as call centres evolve

Call centre customer serviceIndustry expert Magnus Geverts says that chatbots will become an essential part of the evolving call centre. With the demand for automation and self-service continuing to increase, telephone answering services should utilise workforce management (WFM) tools to keep agents happy whilst utilising chatbots where appropriate.

The use of chatbots is definitely on the rise, with Business Insider UK saying that some of the world’s most powerful technology firms think they could be as important as the iPhone. Many companies have already begun rolling out chatbot features, including Facebook, who now allows businesses to automate some of their customer support via Facebook Messenger. Rumours have also surfaced that the firm may be opening a bot store; this could be as revolutionary as Apple’s App Store.

There are many ways that chatbots can facilitate and streamline customer services. For example, Facebook’s chatbots can send customised communication such as shipping notifications and automated subscription content. Bots can also be used to personalise customer interactions and gain unprecedented consumer reach thanks to the newest Send/Receive APIs. They are also relatively easy to configure.

It is important for call centres to keep in mind that human agents will remain vital. Employees are unlikely to be completely replaced with automation and chatbots because some enquiries are extremely complex. In addition, a sympathetic and understanding ear is sometimes required by customers, and this is something that bots cannot offer. With more people demanding quick, high-quality self-service options, chatbots can provide the ideal solution to give customers what they want.

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