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Charitable Response!

Charitable fundraising has taken a significant hit over the past few years with 9 out 10 UK charities alone experiencing the economic climate, yet the need for charities has never been greater with more people turning to us for help and support. This is why at Go Response we recognise that Charities, in order to maximise donor spend, need to provide a strong message across multiple channels.  We have worked across many different and diverse industries and have been able to transfer our skills in to the charity sector.  Whether you are at an international level or have a more niche organisation we can build a service to suit your organisation.

Through our research we have found that donors like to have a choice of medium they can donate via, whether it’s via email, phone, web chat or social media, the flexibility can often lead to higher results.  While multiple channels of communication has it advantages a call center can offer personal interaction which other forms can not.  Go Response, not only offer call centre services for small businesses, but can offer charities a quality call centre service which gives the donor the human interaction that can make a difference between one off and regular donors.  Our call center operators can interact with the donors allowing us to understand their preference and channel them through to areas they have more empathy with.

We have created solutions for Charities that include information request lines, media & advertising response, payment processing, email & SMS response and social media,

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