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Channel 4 show reveals truth of customer services complainers

All call centres know the vital role that customer services plays, helping to assuage consumers’ issues and turn negative problems into a positive experience. Now, in Channel 4’s The Complainers, the truth behind customer services has been unveiled.

In this show, the focus is placed on individuals who go out of their way to cause trouble for telephone answering services and aren’t looking for any form of First Call Resolution at all. At first sight, it seems to provide the call centre with no obvious tips in customer services. However, if you look deeper, there are some important points to take away.

Despite call centres often getting a bad reputation, many utilising #TheComplainers hashtag revealed that Transport for London, one of the focuses of the show, was actually doing a great job. In fact, a lot of people used social media to show their support for call centre agents.

Jane Goodayle, an expert in the industry, said that the show actually showed the call centre sector in a good light despite its focus on complaints. Agents were shown to be hardworking and patient individuals who often have to put up with a lot of aggression from callers. In addition, after realising that there will always be difficult consumers, The Complainers showed many customers to be conscious and ready to engage positively, which is a great step for call centres across Britain.

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