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Changes in Outsourcing on the Horizon

Indian companies are looking to expand their repertoire for outsourcing services in the UK and other parts of the world.

Wipro had a client that wanted a specialised microwave. Instead of looking internally at their employees to do the work, they approached an outsource location in India to see what the company might be able to design. Other outsourcing locations in India have also been looking for ways they can expand beyond IT services for UK-based companies.

The changes from call centres to manufacturing new and innovative products will come slowly. Numerous companies still find the outsourcing of telephone answering services to be more affordable. It is also the one area many companies feel they can give up control without sacrificing customer service for their clients.

Companies looking for outsourcing may begin to follow the changes with more success stories and studies to view. Aditya Birla Minacs is an outsourcing centre in Bangalore, India. The company currently works with UK and American businesses with more than IT services. About 25% of their revenue is from IT using BPO services such as advertising and marketing. They also have platforms that can monitor heart rates in India for hospitals in other countries.

Essentially technology is improving to where outsourcing companies are able to take more of a role in a UK-based business and provide the employees with significant savings. These changes may require a new outlook on outsourcing such as what a company may be willing to increase in terms of outsourcing, in addition to IT, call centres and answering services.

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