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Champion agents making emotional connections

Connected business people silhouettes in network nodesThe role of call centre agents has changed immensely over the past few years, with employees now tasked with providing superior consumer services instead of simply picking up the phone and trying to solve people’s problems. With so many more responsibilities, it is vital to recognise people’s efforts. This is especially true when it comes to making emotional connections with consumers and promoting a positive brand image.

Every business has the potential to make legends from great stories. These start when an agent goes out of their way to help someone, whether it is another colleague or a customer. In some circumstances, stories can do wonders for positive branding, so they are important to recognise, remember and share.

One of the most important ways to develop and maintain optimised customer services is to nurture the right culture within a telephone answering services first. This includes rewarding agents when appropriate. This does not necessarily have to be a physical reward; simply sharing a positive deed undertaken by a worker can instil a sense of pride not only in the original agent but the call centre as a whole. This can have a huge positive impact on other agents who raise their performance levels in a bid to remain competitive with their colleagues.

For managers, it is important to communicate the lessons learned and cherish the memories whilst also remembering to gather fresh stories. It is also essential to communicate to consumers that they can make a difference and that their contributions are recognised. By making emotional connections within a firm and with clients, a better brand image and customer care level can be achieved.

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