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Care must be taken when employees begin to tweet

Social media has become huge over the past few years, and many call centres are now offering contact via Facebook, Twitter and various other platforms in addition to telephone answering services.  However, a single 140-character tweet can quickly cause a tirade of upset if it offends, and call centre companies must take steps to ensure that their employees take care online.

When social networking first appeared, there was a clear line between a worker’s personal and professional life.  However, with continued use of online platforms, the lines are quickly becoming blurred, meaning that a negative tweet or Facebook status from a call centre employee can quickly become a company matter.

Recent tweets in the UK have demonstrated just how careful companies need to be.  For example, the first ever Youth Police and Crime Commissioner, aged just 17, had to resign after tweets from her past were found to be homophobic and racist.  Meanwhile, police sergeant Jeremy Scott had to leave his job after tweeting offensive remarks about the death of Margaret Thatcher.

For companies in the telephone answering services industry who are using social media, it is important to make a distinction between professional and personal accounts.  Asking employees to follow strict company guides when tweeting for business is a good idea.  In addition, having workers state that their views are not those of their company can help disassociate possible negativity from their business’s brand, safeguarding the company from offensive or negative worker views.

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