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Capitalise on agent feedback

Feedback ConceptFor many call centres, frontline agents provide a valuable source of feedback from customers, and information about operational processes. It is important to ensure that staff members are listened to because the insights they provide can allow telephone answering services to boost productivity and performance.

One of the most important things for call centres to do is take feedback seriously. Many people don’t like change, so a workforce might regularly moan about the systems they’re using, for example. However, failing to look into the matter could mean that valuable time really is being wasted when just a few changes could streamline processes and improve the working day for everyone concerned.

Feedback should be gathered on a regular basis through team meetings and a specific system such as a notice board or anonymous drop-box. It should quickly become obvious which problems are mere gripes and which need some real attention. After starting to collect information on a regular basis, it can be a good idea to link insights to other business operations. For example, there’s often a clear link between operational productivity and employee engagement. By having more information, call centres can make better decisions.

Agents are one of a call centre’s most important resources. By acting on the information relayed back, operational changes can be made for better business.

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