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Call scripting remains important agent aid

There are many reasons why call centres may be thinking about dismissing their call scripting altogether, with companies wanting their agents to sound like people and not robots.  However, call scripting software is in place to actually help telephone answering services excel in their customer care.  As long as it is used in the correct way, call scripting can actually be of benefit.

Whilst set scripts should be avoided at all costs, a conversation framework is important to point agents in the right direction.  It is easy for workers to forget what they are talking about, and by using call scripting software, individuals can be automatically offered support.  In addition, though some executives may worry that scripts stilt an agent’s ability to be natural, having on-screen conversational support actually allows workers to listen more effectively as they are not trying to remember what to say next.

As a business concept for call centres, call scripting is also important as it provides continuity across an entire company.  This is especially important if a firm spans several locations and needs to ensure that all agents are dealing with phone calls in the same manner.  In addition, call scripts can actually provide important data to companies wanting to improve their performance.

The issue of scripting is controversial and varied, with some executives wanting it and others throwing it out.  There are benefits for telephone answering services using it, and as long as it is not rigidly stuck to, there can be consumer benefits too

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