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Call routing software has hidden gems

telephone12.1Call routing software is a popular technology for telephone answering services, with a large proportion of firms utilising the system for core call centre operations. However, the technology often comes with some hidden gems that could provide even more value for businesses.

First, many call routing systems contain a waypoint tagging feature. Using this function, call centres can identify sticking points in the customer journey, with executives able to tag various elements along the call flow to delve into statistics. This gives a better understanding of consumer journeys, which can help firms boost customer services.

Another feature that is often overlooked is the ability to send out an SMS or email after initial customer contact has been made. Executives can set up an automatic outbound communication as part of the workflow. This is a great way to follow up with customers.

Finally, with the need to avoid nuisance calls at all costs, call routing can also scan outgoing traffic to ensure dialled numbers aren’t already TPS registered. This means that Do Not Call contacts can be excluded from campaigns, thereby reducing the risk of businesses being reported for nuisance calls.

Having a full understanding of call routing software is important for call centres if they want to get the most from the technology. By incorporating some of these commonly overlooked features, firms can maximise the efficiency of their call centre operations.

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