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Call import feature released by Storacall

201004192 1Storacall has revealed that its latest update allows call centres to import communication from the cloud into a premises-based recording infrastructure. The upgrade will enable organisations to meet compliance rules whilst quickly accessing recordings.

The new feature, called Storm Cloud Call Import, adds to the company’s already extensive ST Call Recording system. Call recordings that were previously based in cloud systems can be pulled onto a premises-based architecture simply and easily. This can be of particular use for telephone answering services that need to store all data and voice recordings in a secure site for a set duration to appease compliance regulations. Meanwhile, it should also act as a convenient method for users to retrieve and access an entire organisation’s call recordings in a quick and efficient manner.

As part of Storm Cloud Call Imports offerings, users are provided with advanced abilities to pull many channels of voice data that may be held across a company’s many platforms into a single, central site. These are collected as .WAV files and then encrypted for safe and secure storage. This can then be easily accessed by agents, reviewers and administrators.

A strict combination of login policies are used to gain access, and the system creates a full audit trail so that it is easy to see who has been listening to voice data. This feature means that call information can all be stored in a single place, regardless of whether radios, land phones, trading devices, mobiles or command and control systems are being used.

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