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Call handling : Taking the bad with the good!

Over the past month we’ve discussed ways we increase, maintain and deliver high levels of customer service to our clients, and their customers through our call centres services. But how should staff react when it goes wrong? It’s no secret that the life of a call centre operator can sometimes be a challenging one and dealing with unhappy people is one of those challenges. Operators can, once in a while, come up against some angry customers, and with customer satisfaction being the main objective we’ve compiled just a few of our tips on how best to deal with this situation.

Ears not mouth – Listen carefully to the customer, be patient and don’t interject. Grasp the full understanding of their issue, helping you reach a resolution.

Bite your tongue – Operators have to remember not to take any unpleasantness personally. They should always remain professional and stay positive! They should never answer back; listening, understanding and resolving an issue makes for a happy call centre customer.

Show you care – Customers want a solution to a problem, it’s important for operators to show they care about finding that solution. They need to see operators will do everything they can to fix it. Empathy is a great tool, so use it.

De-stress – In order for call centre operators to be able to calm down a frustrated caller, they need to be calm themselves. From time to time they should take a break to clear the head and refocus.

All of our staff work hard to solve any issues our callers may have. Through listening patiently, remaining calm and showing empathy we turn a negative issue into a positively resolved one.

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