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Call handling for financial establishments

Many large companies baulk at outsourcing work to third party companies because they think it may have a negative impact on customer satisfaction. This does not however have to be the case.

If you use a professional call handling company, they can provide a bespoke client centred service where even the same call handler will pick up the phone when a specific client calls. Because of this they can get to know your clients and your business and hence your customers will not notice the difference between them and a direct employee.

One area where this works perfectly is in the financial sector. The specialist call handler can take enquires and can work through processes such as claims handling, form completion and even technical requests with clients. This means that when your company is operating at peak efficiency and is still experiencing an influx of calls, by outsourcing call answering you can still get important leads and not suffer financial damage.

Some of the things call handling companies can do for those businesses in the financial sector include:

• 24/7 response
• Manage solutions specific requests
• Use specialist call handlers
• Report requests/calls in real time

Instead of using a company that will just answer your calls, use a company that will become a valued business partner.

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