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Call Centres With Automated Phone Software

Is automation the way to go with call centres?

Automated phone software is becoming more the norm for call centres, but is it the best way to go for companies? This question has been asked by many recently as salaries and expenses increase, also increasing the financial pressure. Automated speech recognition is cost efficient, supposedly offers better customer service, oversteps the language barrier, and provides better customer satisfaction according to the recent polls.

There is debate about whether or not these telephone answering services are really everything they advertise, though. For some companies and owners it may seem more like a gimmick for their customers to talk to the automated option rather than using real people to answer calls. If customers were to be asked what they think, most of them would tell you they want a live person and the sooner that person is on the line the better. Computers with automated systems such as the new call centre automated phone software usually aggravate consumers more than satisfy them. When deciding on the type of call centre you want, consider that callers do like to be treated in a certain way and whilst a computer may be able to give that “customer” service appearance, in the end an automated system still has to rely on human beings.

There is nothing better than having a live person on the phone that knows what they are doing and one that can actually solve the problem, rather than being asked 20 questions by a computer only to be put on hold before being asked the same questions by a live person.

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