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Call centres urged to take care when using email

With the revelation that 36% of people admit to sending an email by accident before it is ready, call centres using multichannel approaches must take the time to ensure all their correspondence is correct and complete before clicking send.  In a new survey it was shown that a variety of errors creep into email, causing embarrassment and a sense of unprofessionalism for companies.

Telephone answering services are increasingly using a number of channels to communicate with customers, and one of these is email.  Whilst this can be a great tool to pass information back and forth, it is vital that agents prepare and complete emails without making mistakes or sending them too soon.

In the poll, it was discovered that 36% of people send emails before they are ready, whilst 20% accidentally include grammar and spelling mistakes.  Twelve percent admitted to putting a kiss on the end by accident, whilst 7% of respondents said they had accidentally forwarded an inappropriate email trail or copied a client in to an internal mail that mentioned them.  Forgetting to use the BCC feature occurs to 12%, whilst 50% admitted they had sent emails without adding the attachment.

Loughborough University’s Professor Tom Jackson said: “This research further highlights the fact that the way employees are using email to communicate is far from efficient and, in fact, as previous studies have found, is costing the average company £10K per employee per year.  In fact, 68% of employees said the emails they receive are sometimes difficult to decipher and could be resolved much more efficiently via telephone or face-to-face communication.”

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