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Call centres urged to review metrics to ensure efficiency

Call centre, smiling womanCall centres often rely heavily on metrics, giving managers and executives clear data regarding performance levels. However, metrics can become stale if they are not regularly reviewed. For the best performance, telephone answering services need to understand not only what metrics are, but also how their efficiency can be improved.

The first thing managers should do is establish which metrics to use. This can be accomplished by using KPIs to identify what a company is trying to achieve. It is vital that people have an understanding of how various divisions interlink and how a metric used by one team could actually have a detrimental effect overall. For example, Average Handling Time (AHT) is often used to gain insight into agent performance. However, if it’s not cross-referenced with First Call Resolution (FCR), customer retention and sales might end up suffering.

Any chosen metrics need to reflect the overall view of an organisation. Instead of ploughing resources into one, it is far better to have a combination of performance-related and task-related metrics. For example, AHT and Customer Effort can be a complementary fit.

Finally, data needs to be brought together from various departments and analysed as one. This will help call centres gain a better overall view of the company rather than individual areas. By regularly reviewing which metrics are utilised, managers can ensure they are pushing for optimised efficiency.

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