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Call centres urged not to ignore omnichannels

Call Center OperatorIt seems that a new buzzword is created every few years, and call centres have been talking about omnichannel operations for many months now. The word is often wrongly interchanged with multichannel. There is a difference between the two, and telephone answering services must embrace the omnichannel experience if they want to succeed in the modern world.

Whilst the multichannel experience provides customers with a variety of choices, the different platforms are often separated. Therefore, if someone contacts a company via Twitter, their journey might then be passed to telephone or email communication. The experience can be somewhat inconsistent, largely because each network is often in its own silo within call centres. Conversely, running an omnichannel operation means that all of the various platforms are fully integrated, providing customers with a consistent and high quality service wherever they begin their journey.

For companies, utilising omnichannel means there is a seamless transition between channels. A query could begin on Twitter before being passed onto webchat and email. For the customer, there will be no lapse in consistency because data and relevant information is retained throughout the journey.

Ultimately, omnichannel is the best form of multichannel, where high quality care and consistency are top priorities and offer a seamless flow of information between various channels. Therefore, companies must not ignore this term as it will become an essential part of business in the years to come.

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