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Call centres to take advantage of Jabra Cashbacks

Audio quality is one of the most important concerns for call centres. Businesses need to ensure that customers are heard clearly and that background noise is kept to a minimum. As a result, telephone answering services often spend a lot of money getting the right hardware in place to produce the best possible results. Now, Jabra has announced a cashback deal for 2017’s second quarter, enabling call centres to take the opportunity to improve audio quality in their workplace at a reduced cost.

Jabra is the leading audio device manager, and call centres across the country utilise its hi-tech headsets to great effect. The company is now running a cashback opportunity until June 30th, 2017, enabling both existing and new customers to reduce the expense of new headsets and audio devices. To qualify, firms only need to buy the required headsets and then claim their cashback on Jabra’s website.

Jabra’s North Region Managing Director, Nigel Dunn, explained: “Whether it’s to support the on-going adoption of Unified Communications, wireless headsets for office and remote working, or simply to improve the calling and music experience, it’s important that they [customers] are able to meet their goals in a cost-effective way. This Cashbacks promotion reflects our ongoing commitment to providing our customers with increased value for money without compromising on the quality of the products required.”

Several products are included in the deal, including the Jabra EVOLVE 30, the Jabra EVOLVE 40 and the Jabra PRO 900. These have various cashback options depending on how many units call centres buy. For companies that want to improve audio quality, now is the ideal time to take advantage of the offer.

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