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Call centres to benefit from Skype

skypelogoIn the digital era, call centres are investigating the use of an increasing number of communication tools within the workplace. This means that traditional phone calls have been bolstered by webchat, email and social networking platforms. The use of video calling is also on the rise, particularly due to efforts by Microsoft, who have been marketing the advantages this type of call can have for telephone answering services.

For many, the thought of face-to-face contact using Skype is worrisome. This is particularly true for call centres that aren’t equipped. However, Skype can be used for other things, such as offering tips to consumers and showing advertisements. For customers calling via Skype, these features could be shown whilst in the queue, helping to pass the time and provide people with something informative.

Another big benefit of Skype is that it allows companies to send out a broadcast of when they’re available to talk. This means that consumers can instantly tell if a call centre is open without having to call first.

Finally, not all call centres or customers like face-to-face video calling, but Skype also has instant messaging tools. Moreover, the service holds a record of previous texts, which can be a valuable tool when working through a consumer’s history.

Whilst some companies might shy away from video calling, Skype offers many benefits that don’t have to drastically alter how agents work. By using these features, consumer care can be boosted.

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