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Call centres show dynamic response to agent training

New statistics hCall centre lady smilingave revealed that an increasing number of call centres are being proactive when it comes to agent training, with companies ensuring that regular sessions are held instead of the traditional yearly update. This is vital if companies want to remain competitive in the modern era.

In a survey of more than 350 professionals in the telephone answering services industry, it was revealed that 17 per cent of companies actually hold training sessions every week. Meanwhile, 42 per cent hold monthly training. This suggests that the traditional approach of holding an extensive session once a year is becoming a thing of the past, and it is great news in an era where agents must be equipped with the skills to adapt to a changing environment.

The “sheep dip” method has been used a lot in the past, with agents being obligated to attend annual training meetings that are often dull and extremely lengthy. However, many call centres are now rebuking this method in favour of providing shorter training sessions more frequently. In fact, just 5 per cent schedule training only once a year, although 10 per cent provide no training whatsoever. Whilst the majority of firms offer monthly sessions, 27 per cent train their employees every quarter.

The disparity of the results shows there is still a lot to do in an industry that must keep up with changing technology and expectations if it is to survive. For call centres that make the effort to regularly update their agents’ skills and knowledge, keeping ahead of the curve is easier to do.

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