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Call centres should protect themselves from commuter problems

coomuter train about to leave a stationThe recent strikes on the London Underground have highlighted the importance of getting agents to work. It is essential for call centres to ensure there are enough people to man the phones and social media channels even when workers might be experiencing problems with their journey. For telephone answering services that are worried about commuting problems, flexible and remote workers can be the perfect solution.

In the era of flexible working, there is no reason why a call centre can’t utilise homeworkers to bolster their workforce. Connected mobile devices have extended the reach of telephone answering services, allowing an entire group of remote workers to be employed. This not only provides extra support in busy periods, but it can also stave off the negative effects if problems occur on the roads and trains.

The move into flexible working has also been made easier by recent governmental changes. Last April, new laws were brought into force to allow employees the right to ask for flexible work. This change in the country’s business mindset needs to be applied to contact centres, where it is far easier for people to work from home and connect to customers via social media, webchat, and other means than ever before.

With technology and Britain’s cultural change making flexible working more acceptable, it is vital that companies diversify their agents’ working systems. When a major strike occurs, it could just help provide the continuity of service that modern customers expect.

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